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Rain Suit

At 123 Safety Gear, we recognize that inclement weather can be a major hindrance to outdoor activities and work. That's why we provide high-quality rain suits that offer full-body protection against rain, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather. Our extensive collection of rain suits caters to various needs, from light drizzles to torrential downpours.

What is a Rain Suit?

A rain suit typically consists of a waterproof jacket and pants designed to keep you completely dry in wet conditions. Unlike other types of rain gear that might only cover the upper body, rain suits provide comprehensive protection that includes the torso, arms, and legs. This makes them an ideal choice for those who need to remain outdoors during heavy rain, whether for work, hiking, or any other outdoor activities.

Different Kinds of Rain Suits

Rain suits come in a variety of styles and materials to suit different environments and preferences:

PVC Rain Suits

  • Made from durable Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC rain suits are known for their high resistance to water and mild chemicals. They are typically heavier and offer excellent protection in heavy and sustained downpours.
  • Best For: Industrial work, fishing, and heavy-duty applications.

Breathable Rain Suits

  • These rain suits are crafted from waterproof yet breathable materials that allow sweat vapor to escape, helping to prevent overheating and moisture build-up inside the suit.
  • Best For: Active use, such as hiking, cycling, or any vigorous outdoor activity where comfort and mobility are essential.

Disposable Rain Suits

  • Lightweight and intended for one-time or limited use, these suits are perfect for emergencies or infrequent use where convenience and cost are factors.
  • Best For: Event goers, emergency kits, and occasional use in unexpected weather conditions.

Hi-Vis Rain Suits

  • These are specialized rain suits that include high-visibility features such as reflective strips and bright colors to ensure the wearer remains visible in poor weather conditions, enhancing safety.
  • Best For: Roadwork, construction sites, and any working environment where visibility is critical.