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Cotton Work Gloves

Cotton work gloves are a staple in many industries, valued for their breathability, comfort, and protection. At 123 Safety Gear, we offer a wide selection of cotton gloves tailored to various work tasks, including jersey lining gloves, cotton inspection gloves, canvas gloves, chore gloves, and hot mill gloves. Each type is designed to meet specific needs within different work environments.

Types of Cotton Work Gloves at 123 Safety Gear

  • Jersey Lining Gloves are known for their softness and comfort, providing a slight stretch for a good fit and flexibility.
  • Cotton Inspection Gloves are Lightweight and thin. They prevent fingerprints and protect delicate items from hand oils and abrasions without compromising dexterity. These gloves are ideally for industries where fine product handling is required, such as electronics, artwork handling, and inspections.
  • Canvas Gloves are sturdy and durable, canvas gloves offer a thicker layer of protection and are often designed with a clasp to secure them around the wrist. These gloves are ideally for general work purposes in construction, agriculture, and for handling rough materials.
  • Chore Gloves are generally thicker and designed for all-purpose use, with added layers or quilting for extra protection. They are used for everyday tasks in farming, gardening, and other demanding chores.
  • Hot Mill Gloves are Made from multiple layers of cotton to provide heat resistance.

Benefits of Choosing Cotton Work Gloves from 123 Safety Gear

  • Comfort and Breathability: Cotton's natural fibers allow air circulation, keeping hands cool and reducing sweating during long hours of work.
  • Variety of Styles: We offer gloves suited for a range of applications, ensuring you can find the perfect glove no matter the job requirements.