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Cooling Products

Cooling Towels and Bands: Instant Relief

Our cooling towels and bands are perfect for anyone needing quick and effective relief from the heat. Made with innovative materials that enhance the evaporation process, these products can be activated simply by soaking in water, wringing out, and then snapping to activate the cooling properties. Ideal for outdoor sports, gym sessions, or any outdoor activity, these towels provide cooling effects that last for hours, helping to reduce body temperature and prevent heat-related discomfort.

Neck Shades for Hard Hats: Essential for Outdoor Workers

For those who work outdoors, especially in construction or landscaping, protecting the neck from the sun is crucial. Our neck shades easily attach to any standard hard hat and provide a shield against direct sunlight, reducing the risk of sunburn and heatstroke. These shades are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that offer additional cooling by shielding the neck and directing air upward, enhancing overall comfort.

Sun Hats with Flap: Ultimate Sun Protection

Our sun hats with flaps are designed for maximum protection against the sun's harsh rays. These hats feature a wide brim and an extended flap that covers the neck and ears, providing comprehensive coverage. The material used is lightweight and includes moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry. These hats are ideal for hiking, gardening, or any prolonged outdoor activity where sun exposure is a concern.

Vented Straw Hats

Vented straw hats incorporate mesh-like sections or spaces within the weave of the hat, which allow for increased air circulation around the head. This design feature helps to keep the wearer cool in hot weather by improving breathability, making vented straw hats a favorite among those who engage in active pursuits or who are in particularly hot climates.