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Our Respiratory Protection Products

3 Ply Masks: These masks are essential for general protection against dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Typically used in non-medical settings, 3 Ply Masks are great for daily wear in low-risk environments to reduce the transmission of contaminants.

N95 Masks: Designed to filter at least 95% of airborne particles, N95 masks offer more significant protection and are crucial in healthcare and industrial settings where exposure to aerosols and fine particles can be hazardous.

Dust Masks: These are lightweight masks designed to provide relief from non-toxic dust and pollen. Ideal for home renovations, gardening, and other activities where dust is a concern but not hazardous.

P95 Masks: Similar to N95 masks but with the added benefit of being oil-proof. P95 masks can protect against both oil-based and non-oil-based particulates, making them suitable for chemical handling and industrial applications where oil aerosols may be present.

Half-Face Respirator and Cartridge: Offering a more robust solution, half-face respirators cover the nose and mouth and can be fitted with various cartridges to filter specific contaminants. These are ideal for environments where gases, vapors, or higher concentrations of particles are present.

Choosing the Right Respiratory Protection

Selecting the right respiratory protection involves understanding the specific hazards of your environment:

  • Assess the Air Quality: Identify the types of particles or chemicals you are exposed to. This will determine whether you need a dust mask, a chemical-resistant P95, or a more versatile respirator.
  • Consider the Fit and Comfort: Especially for gear that will be worn for extended periods. Ensure that masks and respirators fit securely and comfortably, providing a tight seal around the face.
  • Compliance and Certifications: Verify that the respiratory protection meets all local and international safety standards applicable to your industry, such as NIOSH certification.