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High Visibility Shirts

High Visibility Shirts

Equip yourself with the best in high visibility shirts from 123SafetyGear. Learn about the ANSI-certified options available and understand when high visibility clothing is necessary for workplace safety.

When Is High Visibility Clothing Required?

High visibility clothing is a critical safety requirement in various industries where visibility of workers can be the difference between safety and hazard. The need for high visibility clothing like shirts is mandated under several circumstances, primarily dictated by industry regulations and work environment risks. Here are key scenarios when high visibility clothing is essential:

  • Construction Sites: Workers on sites where they may be near moving vehicles or equipment.
  • Road Maintenance: Employees performing tasks near traffic or along roadways where drivers' visibility may be compromised.
  • Warehouse and Dock Operations: Personnel working around moving equipment such as forklifts and trucks.
  • Emergency Response: Law enforcement, ambulance, and fire service personnel often require high visibility to be seen in emergency situations.
  • Utility Workers: Those who work on or near roads or in conditions where visibility is low due to weather or lighting.
  • Outdoor Events: Staff managing or working at events where large crowds or poor lighting might obscure visibility.

High visibility shirts are not just a precaution; they are often a legal requirement in these settings to ensure that all workers are visible to each other and to machine operators, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Exploring ANSI-Certified Class 2 and 3 Hi Vis Safety Shirts at 123 Safety Gear

At 123 Safety Gear, we understand the importance of compliance and safety, which is why we offer a variety of ANSI-certified high visibility shirts designed to meet rigorous safety standards. Our selection includes:

Long Sleeve Hi Vis Shirts

  • Ideal For: Providing not only visibility but also additional protection against sun and minor abrasions.
  • Features: ANSI-Certified Class 3 for maximum visibility with additional reflective strips on the sleeves.
  • Usage: Best for cooler conditions or when full arm coverage is required for safety or protection.

Short Sleeve Hi Vis Shirts

  • Ideal For: Warmer weather or indoor environments where full sleeve coverage is not necessary but visibility remains a priority.
  • Features: ANSI-Certified Class 2, providing good visibility with enough reflective material and bright fabric.
  • Usage: Perfect for hot conditions, ensuring comfort without compromising on safety.

Sleeveless Hi Vis Shirts

  • Ideal For: The hottest conditions, providing comfort along with essential visibility.
  • Features: Light and breathable, maintaining ANSI-Certified Class 2 standards.
  • Usage: Suitable for indoor use or summer outdoor work where airflow and cooling are needed.

Why Choose 123 Safety Gear for Your Hi Vis Shirts?

  • Quality and Compliance: All our hi vis shirts are ANSI-certified, ensuring they meet the necessary safety requirements.
  • Variety: From sleeveless to long-sleeved, our range covers every need and environmental condition.
  • Customization: We offer customization services for businesses that want to add logos or specific safety messages.