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Cut Resistant Gloves

In many industries, the risk of cuts and lacerations to the hands is a daily reality. At 123 Safety Gear, we offer a range of cut resistant gloves designed to meet various ANSI cut resistance standards. Our gloves provide essential protection for workers in fields such as construction, metal fabrication, food service, and more, ensuring both safety and dexterity.

Understanding ANSI Cut Resistance Levels in Gloves

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) categorizes cut resistant gloves into levels based on their ability to withstand cuts from a sharp blade. The levels range from A1, providing the least protection, to A9, the highest protection. Here, we focus on levels A2 to A6, as they are most commonly used in various work environments:

  • A2: Light cut hazards (e.g., handling material that might have some sharp edges)
  • A3: Moderate cut hazards (e.g., light metal stamping, handling light glass parts)
  • A4: High cut hazards (e.g., metal stamping, handling or assembling parts with sharp edges)
  • A5: Higher cut hazards (e.g., food service, butchering, handling large glass objects)
  • A6: Extreme cut hazards (e.g., handling extremely heavy sharp metals, industrial glass handling)

Features of Our Cut Resistant Gloves

Our cut resistant gloves come with features that enhance both safety and usability:

  • Dexterity and Comfort: Despite their high protection levels, our gloves do not compromise on hand mobility or comfort.
  • Material Innovations: Made from materials like Kevlar, Dyneema, and specialized proprietary blends, which provide excellent cut resistance without the bulk.
  • Grip Enhancements: Many gloves feature coatings such as polyurethane or nitrile for improved grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions.