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Rain Gear

Hi Vis Rainwear: Essential for Safety in Poor Visibility

Our hi vis rainwear is designed to keep you visible and dry in low light conditions and adverse weather. These garments are made with brightly colored, waterproof materials and reflective strips that meet safety standards. Ideal for construction workers, road crews, and outdoor enthusiasts who require extra visibility.

Rain Ponchos: Lightweight and Convenient

Rain ponchos provide a practical solution for sudden downpours. Easy to carry and quick to don, our rain ponchos are perfect for outdoor events, hiking, and emergency rain protection. They offer a loose fit, ensuring you can wear them over your regular or work clothing without sacrificing comfort.

Rain Pants: Your Defense Against Wet Weather

Pair your rain jacket with our durable rain pants for complete lower body protection. Designed to keep you dry and comfortable, our rain pants are made from waterproof materials that withstand even the heaviest rains. They are ideal for workers in maritime, agriculture, and landscaping professions.

Rain Suits: Total Protection for Harsh Conditions

For full-body coverage, our rain suits are the ultimate in rain protection. Combining rain jackets and pants, these suits are crafted from high-performance materials that are both breathable and waterproof. Rain suits are essential for anyone who spends extended periods in wet environments, providing comfort and protection without compromising mobility.

Rain Coats: Stylish and Functional

Our rain coats are tailored to offer both style and functionality. Whether you're looking for a long coat to cover your work attire or a rugged piece for field work, our rain coats come in various lengths and styles to suit your needs. They feature waterproof, breathable fabrics, secure closures, and functional pockets.

Why Choose 123 Safety Gear for Your Rain Gear?

  • Quality: We provide high-quality rain gear that ensures durability and reliability in wet conditions.
  • Variety: Our extensive range includes everything from basic rain ponchos to advanced hi vis rainwear.