Visitor Steel Toe (100% Rubber)

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STEEL Toe Cap with RUBBER Slip-On and Back Strap Safety Overshoes (Color Coded by Size)


Product Code: OSH1162-11

Introducing our ergonomic rubber overshoes, an affordable alternative to steel toe safety boots and shoes. With a 3" steel toe cap height, non-slip sole, and natural rubber back strap, they offer comfort and security. Easily adjustable and lightweight, these slip-on covers fit over existing shoes, ideal for visitors, casual workers, or management. Color-coded sizes ensure quick selection, and their compact design makes storage effortless. Assembled in the USA, these overshoes are practical, versatile, and suitable for both men and women. Sold as a pair, they're perfect for various workplace roles and environments.



Affordable alternative to steel toe safety boots and shoes Cost-effective option for safety footwear
Steel toe cap height: 3" Provides adequate protection against impacts
Non-slip and flexible sole Offers stability and comfort during movement
Natural rubber back strap keeps it in place Ensures secure fit while wearing
Stretches for better adjustment Allows for a customized fit
Fits easily over existing shoes Convenient option for quick application
Lightweight and ergonomic rubber overshoes Comfortable to wear and move in
Color-coded sizes for quick selection Simplifies choosing the correct size
Slip-on design fits men's and women's shoes Versatile and suitable for various users
Sold as a pair Comes as a set for both feet
Perfect for visitors, casual or temporary workers, management, salespersons, etc. Suitable for a wide range of workplace roles and environments
Assembled in USA Manufactured domestically, ensuring quality and reliability

Sizing is determined by your actual shoe size, not your foot size. For large, bulky shoes, consider increasing one size for a better fit.



Small (6-9)


Medium (10-12)


Large (13-16)


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