4 Point Full Brim Hard Hat (Multiple Colors)

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Full Brim Hard Hats (4 Pt.)  HH30B4P

Product Code: HH30B4P, HH30R4P, HH30W4P, HH30YP

Protect your head from impact and electrical hazards with our blue full brim hard hat, product code HH30B4P. Made with a high density polypropylene shell and a 4-point nylon suspension, this hard hat provides both durability and comfort. It also features universal accessory slots that can fit cap mounted ear muffs and chin straps. The ratchet-style suspension allows for easy adjustment, and the hard hat meets ANSI Z89.1 TYPE I Class G&E standards for safety. Made in Taiwan. Get yours now for reliable head protection on the job




Color Blue, Red, White, Yellow
Type Full brim hard hat
Shell Material High density polypropylene
Suspension 4-point nylon suspension
Universal Accessory Slots Yes, fits cap mounted ear muffs and chin straps
Suspension Style Ratchet-style
Safety Standards Meets ANSI Z89.1 TYPE I Class G&E standards

Benefits to Hard Hats Full Brim:

  • Durability: The hard hat is constructed with a high density polypropylene shell, which offers durability and resistance to impact, providing reliable protection against falling objects.
  • Comfort: The hard hat is designed with a ratchet-style suspension, enabling easy adjustment to achieve a secure and comfortable fit. The adjustable suspension ensures that the hard hat stays in place during work activities, enhancing safety and convenience.
  • Impact Protection: The blue full brim hard hat is designed to provide protection for your head against impact and electrical hazards, ensuring your safety in hazardous work environments.
  • Multiple Colors