DAX Fiber Resin Cap Brim (Green)

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Lift Green Fiber Resin Cap Brim - 6 pt. Suspension - Type 1 Class G

Product Code: HDFC-19GG

Experience advanced head protection with the DAX Cap Hard Hat, meticulously crafted from fiber-reinforced resin to offer both superior comfort and robust impact protection. Designed for professionals in diverse environments, this hard hat combines innovative features with durable construction to meet the needs of demanding work settings.

The DAX Cap Hard Hat is perfect for construction workers, engineers, and professionals in various industries where head protection is crucial. Its unique design and advanced features make it an essential safety tool for those requiring reliable and effective headgear.

Ensure your safety with the DAX Cap Hard Hat, where innovative design meets exceptional durability and comfort.



Material Fiber-reinforced resin shell
Comfort Perforated Clarino® synthetic leather comfort dome with molded EVA foam insert
Adjustability Oversized ratcheting fitment dial, easy to adjust with gloves
Brim Grip Exclusive design provides a secure feel
Safety Compliance Meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 requirements for Type 1, Class G
Moisture Management Moisture-wicking foam-backed microfiber liner
Suspension System Six-point suspension system for a secure, comfortable fit
Impact Protection Triple reinforced crown for superior impact protection
Weight Average 330 grams without suspension, 420 grams with suspension
Unique Design Each fiber shell is hand-laid, giving it a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance
Lifespan and Maintenance Varies based on conditions; general guideline to replace every five years
Certification Does not carry CSA certification
Ideal For Construction workers, engineers, and professionals in hazardous environments

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