Dex Savior Blue Mechanic Fingerless Glove

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Fingerless Blue Mechanic Glove

Product Code: MG403

Upgrade your mechanic gloves with the MG403 fingerless gloves, featuring a premium synthetic non-slip palm and fingertip reinforcement for a firm grip, and an anti-vibration palm to reduce fatigue. The blue spandex fabric and hook and loop closure provide a comfortable and secure fit. Available in sizes S to 2XL.



Palm Material Premium Synthetic Non-Slip Palm and Fingertip Reinforcement
Palm Feature Anti-Vibration Palm
Glove Type Fingerless Glove
Back Material Blue Spandex Fabric
Closure Hook and Loop Closure
Available Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL

This table provides a quick overview of the key features and specifications of the MG403 Fingerless Mechanic Gloves. It includes details about the palm material of the gloves, which is a premium synthetic non-slip material with fingertip reinforcement for a firm grip. The gloves also feature an anti-vibration palm, reducing fatigue during use. They are fingerless gloves, offering enhanced dexterity for intricate tasks. The back of the gloves is made with blue spandex fabric, providing comfort and flexibility. The hook and loop closure ensures a secure and adjustable fit. The gloves are available in sizes ranging from S to 2XL, making them suitable for various hand sizes.